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BACKGROUND Achalasia is rare in children. Recently, injection of botulinum toxin into the lower esophageal sphincter has been studied as an alternative to esophageal pneumatic dilatation or surgical myotomy as treatment for achalasia. In the current study, the effects of botulinum toxin were investigated in the largest known series of children with(More)
Children have chewed gum since the Stone Age. Black lumps of prehistoric tar with human tooth impressions have been found in Northern Europe dating from approximately 7000 BC (Middle Stone Age) to 2000 BC (Bronze Age). The bite impressions suggest that most chewers were between 6 and 15 years of age. The Greeks chewed resin from the mastic tree (mastic(More)
We have previously shown that sinusoidal reduced glutathione (GSH) efflux declines during development because of a declining maximum transport rate [Am. J. Physiol. 261 (Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 24): G648-G656, 1991]. Because rat liver serves as the principal source of plasma GSH, we studied the response of plasma GSH to this declining inflow from(More)
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