N A Dmitrieva

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A putative uridine-binding site of uridine phosphorylase (EC from E. coli was modified with fluorescein 5'-isothiocyanate (FITC). Treatment with FITC irreversibly inactivates the enzyme (Ki = 1.0 mM, k2 = 0.15 min-1). Under the conditions of 90% inactivation the incorporation of the reagent reaches about 1 mol per mol of the enzyme subunit.(More)
The results of the use of russian probiotics Acilact and Bifidumbacterin in complex treatment of gingivitis and different degrees of parodontitis are presented. The treatment of the patients of control group was added by the italien drug Tantum Verde. The effect of Acilact and Bifidumbacterin to the normalisation of Mycroflora higher in comparison with(More)
In 30 Wistar rats divided in 3 groups with 10 rats in each skin defects were reproduced under anaesthesia and wound surface was fixed with the help of plastic rings. The wounds were contaminated with microbe dredge consisting of St. aureus, Ps. aeruginosa and E. coli in the concentration of 10(9) cells/ml. After 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours the wound was(More)
Bacterial contamination under fillings proved to be the main reason for pulp inflammation thus emphasizing the importance of antibacterial properties of restorative materials. The aim of the current study was to assess antibacterial properties of "Biodentine" (Septodont), "Rootdent" (TehnoDent) and adhesive "Futurabond НР" (Voco). Two lines of experiments(More)
The influence of prolonged electrical stimulation of rabbit hypothalamus on blood lipids and the development of atherosclerosis were studied. The negative emotional state observed during the electrical stimulation was accompanied by blood hyperlipemia and atherosclerosis development in 1/3 noncastrated and 2/3 castrated animals.
Rabbits kept under conditions of free behavior were exposed to long-term electrostimulation of negative and positive emotiogenic zones of the hypothalamus by means of a special autonomous nutrition system. It is shown that long-term electrostimulation of the negative emotiogenic hypothalamic zones followed by rest causes disorders of lipid metabolism and(More)
Gingival groove and dental plaque microbiosis was studied for 6 months in patients receiving orthodontic treatment. The patients were divided in two groups according to the type of used toothbrushes (manual or electric). After fixation of orthodontic appliances the increase of S. epidermidis by simultaneous decrease of E. faecium was observed in both(More)
Fifty-two patients (22-68 years) with chronic generalized periodontitis of different severity and 223 with fulminant severe periodontitis were observed. The bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects of Metrogil-denta depended on the severity of periodontal involvement and metronidasole concentration in the drug. The maximum bacteriostatic effect was observed(More)
AIM To assess efficacy and tolerability of a novel drug form of isosorbide-5-mononitrate in patients with ischemic heart disease and stable effort angina as compared with common isosorbide dinitrate pills. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients with stable class II-III effort angina (n=30) were included into a randomized crossover study in which they received(More)