N. A. Deshpande

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— Security of web applications is becoming one of the major concerns today. As per our survey 70% of web applications over the internet are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks (SQLIA's). SQL injection attacks pose serious security threat to these databases and web applications. Through SQLIA's attackers gain unrestricted access to the databases of(More)
Isolated myenteric ganglion networks were used in a perifusion protocol to characterize the response of interstitial adenosine levels to changes in prevailing PO2. The biological activity of such adenosine was assessed using inhibition of release of substance P (SP) as a functional measure of adenosine activity, and the effect of altered O2 tension on both(More)
Weighted frequent pattern mining is suggested to find out more important frequent pattern by considering different weights of each item. Weighted Frequent Patterns are generated in weight ascending and frequency descending order by using prefix tree structure. These generated weighted frequent patterns are applied to maximal frequent item set mining(More)
— Web applications form an integral part of our day to day life. The number of attacks on websites and the compromise of many individuals secure data are increasing at an alarming rate. Hence, providing increased amount of security for the users and their data becomes essential. Most important vulnerability as described in top 10 web security issues by Open(More)
—The chemical name extraction has a great importance in the biomedical field. Named Entity Recognition is the subtask of information extraction that is used to identify named entities in the given data. There are various dictionary-based, rule-based and machine learning approaches available for Named Entity Recognition. Rule based techniques include hand(More)
—In today's era search engines are used everywhere, as it is source to retrieve efficient result related to query. Web based image search engines frequently uses keywords as queries to search images. These search engines entails complexity due to the ambiguity of query keywords, since it is hard for users to properly illustrate the visual content of target(More)
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