N. A. Derevnina

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The immune system was studied in 90 patients with seronegative spondylarthritis (SNSA). Of them, 60 patients had ankylosing spondylarthritis (30 patients with central and 30 patients with peripheral forms) and 30 patients with reactive arthritis. SNSA patients were found to have secondary immunodeficiency. Cellular immunity was characterized by a decreased(More)
We have investigated effects of turpentine baths with white emultion, yellow solution and mixed on the course of inflammation, immunocompetent system, external respiration function, pulmonary cardiohemodynamics, physical performance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We developed differential indications for each bath variant depending(More)
Manifest disorders of cellular and humoral immunity are detectable with the use of immunologic tests in patients with mycosis fungoides, skin reticulosis, and Kaposi's sarcoma. The pattern of changes in Kaposi's sarcoma differs from that in malignant lymphomas of the skin. The detected immune status disorders necessitate the use of immunomodulators in(More)
Immunological indexes have been studied in 22 patients during planned herniotomy and in 52 healthy donors. The study group comprised 12 patients operated on under local anesthesia in combination with electroacupuncture analgesia (EAPA). Premedication was not performed, narcotic analgesics, neuroleptics and antihistamine agents were also excluded. The(More)
The present study is devoted to the estimation of therapeutic and prophylactic effects of cryomassage and silvinite speleotherapy in the patients with partially controlled asthma. Advantages of the combined application of rehabilitative technologies are illustrated by their well-expressed anti-inflammatory and immunocorrecive actions, reduced obstruction(More)
The ultrastructural properties of the cell surface of lymphocytes in cancer and polyposis of the stomach were studied with the help of rastrum electron microscopy. The cell surface of lymphocytes in gastric cancer was found to have specific morphological features which should be used as differential diagnostic criterion in gastric cancer.