N. A. Derevnina

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To study immune homeostasis status and to improve the diagnostic value of immunological tests in healthy donors and patients with benign and malignant gastrointestinal tumors, 13 clinico-immunological parameters were identified and measured simultaneously in most of the examinees. A new method of analysis of clinico-immunological information based on(More)
This paper was designed to report the results of comparative clinical and functional studies involving 89 patients who presented with moderately severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and were given the combined treatment with yellow turpentine bathtubs and bronchodilators inhalations with the use of a nebulizer. The patients comprising group 1 (n=29)(More)
T-activin immunotherapy in conjunction with maintenance chemotherapy was given to 13 patients suffering small-cell carcinoma of the lung in whom previous cytostatic and combined treatment (chemotherapy+radiation) resulted in a complete regression of tumor. The median survival time in those patients was 113 weeks versus 75 weeks in 13 controls. The results(More)
The studies of 116 females with chronic nonspecific salpingo-oophoritis demonstrate that combination of low-frequency magnetic field with iodine-bromine water effectively corrects immunological indices, i.e. improves T- and B-cell immunity, production of IgM and IgA, proportion of immunoregulatory subpopulations of T-lymphocytes.
Local irradiation with pulsed (1500 Hz) low-energy infrared laser light of the thymus and thyroid gland region caused well-apparent stimulation of alpha-1-thymosin production in the healthy animals and normalized its level in the stressed ones. Similar stimulation of alpha-1-timosine biosynthesis was observed in an experiment with direct laser irradiation(More)