N. A. D. Connell

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While theories abound concerning knowledge transfer in organisations, little empirical work has been undertaken to assess any possible relationship between repositories of knowledge and those responsible for the use of knowledge. This paper develops a knowledge transfer framework based on an empirical analysis of part of the UK operation of a Fortune 100(More)
Many Organizational Memory (OM) models and definitions can be found in the literature. Most models are complex or too general to directly build a computer system to manage them, i.e., to capture significant information, organize it and make it available to people who needs it. This paper presents a review of some OM models as well as some systems intended(More)
Decision support and expert system construction attempts to make organisational expertise more widely available. Yet the prevailing paradigm of expertise is essentially that it is a uni-dimensional organisational resource, much as any other. This paper takes a holistic approach, examining the ways in which human experts and their expertise are(More)
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