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Some peculiarities of rat milk ceruloplasmin (CP) biosynthesis have been analysed. Electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic data suggest that rat milk contains up to 20 mg/100 ml of CP. Rat milk CP is represented by a single molecular form whose molecular mass, enzymatic activity and antigenic properties are fully identical with those of serumal CP.(More)
675 oocytes from 1294 studied were found suitable for counting chromosomes and caryotyping. 86,8% of oocytes (586) had a normal chromosome number, while aneuploidy was observed in 12,7% of oocytes (86). Among them 72 (10,67%) were with hypoploidy, while only 14 (2,07%) were hyperploid with 22 chromosomes. Structural chromosome aberrations were found in(More)
Cytogenetic analysis was carried out for the ovulated oocytes and preimplantation embryos at the age of 3 and 4 days in the mice heterozygous by 2 Robertsonian translocations Rb (8; 17) 1 IEM and Rb (16; 17)7 Bnr. Out of 171 ovulated oocytes, 101 had chromosome aberrations, 44 nullisomy and 19 disomy by autosome 17. On the 3rd day of development the(More)
Amniotic fluid from women was injected intra-amniotically to rats at the 14th day of pregnancy in a dose 0.3 ml. Morphological and functional parameters of embryonic development of rats and EMG activity of rat puppies at the age of 30-34 days differed from control ones with respect to the degree of maturity and motor disturbances of newborn babies. The data(More)
The patterns of DNA synthesis and kinetics of cell population in the rat and mouse embryos were studied by means of 3H-thymidine autoradiography and cytofluorimetry. The rat and mouse embryos during the period of cleavage consist of a heterogenous population of blastomeres. At all the stages under study, all phases of the cell cycle occur in the(More)
Growth and differentiation of neurons and glia in spinal cord explants of 16 days old rat fetuses with teratogen-induced left-sided micromelia were studied. Progressive destruction of astrocytes that differentiate in interstitial zone of cultures was observed in 37% of explants of the left side, while the development was normal in cultures of the right(More)
Peculiarities of non-disjunction of chromosomes in the first meiosis of maturation of oocytes in mice heterozygous in the Robertsonian and nonuniform reciprocal translocations have been determined. Mice, heterozygous in one Robertson's translocation, had general frequency of chromosomal non-disjunction in the 1st meiosis of oocyte maturation equal to 17%;(More)
Iron-deficiency anemia induced in the maternal organism markedly enhances embryotoxic and teratogenic effects of the studied pollutants: gasoline and formaldehyde. The prenatal effects of these drugs against the background of iron-deficiency state in pregnant females leads to development of the main feature of the tissue hypoxia, decompensated metabolic(More)
The maximal rate of incorporation of 32P-phosphate, 14C-formate and 14C-thymidine in DNA was recorded on the 13th day of development in the rat embryos and that of 14C-formate and 32P-phosphate in RNA and nucleotides of the acid-soluble fraction on the 12th day. The maximal incorporation of 14C-formate was recorded later: on the 15-16th days. Chloridin(More)