N. A. Bobrova

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The effect of aqueous dispersion of fullerene C60 (FC60) on the functional activity of cells involved in the phagocytosis reactions was studied. FC60 (0.01 microM/l and 0.1 microM/l) produced mainly negative effects on the activity ofnonspecific immunity cells by inhibiting the myeloperoxidase enzymatic activity, decreased the level of induced(More)
Comparative study of pathomorphology of myocardial circulation under conditions of increased afterload of the left or right ventricles showed similar changes. All compartments of the coronary bed were plethoric, capillary blood stasis and perivascular edema, more pronounced in arterial vessels, were detected in both cases. These changes equally involved(More)
Compact, tunable, radially symmetric focusing of electrons is critical to laser-plasma accelerator (LPA) applications. Experiments are presented demonstrating the use of a discharge-capillary active plasma lens to focus 100-MeV-level LPA beams. The lens can provide tunable field gradients in excess of 3000 T/m, enabling cm-scale focal lengths for GeV-level(More)
A one-dimensional dissipative magnetohydrodynamics code is used to investigate the discharge dynamics of a waveguide for high-intensity laser pulses: the gas-filled capillary discharge waveguide. Simulations are performed for the conditions of a recent experimental measurement of the electron density profile in hydrogen-filled capillaries [D. J. Spence et(More)
During a 5-year follow-up of rescue party members exposed to radioactive effects of the Chernobyl accident no material changes were observed versus healthy donors in the content of calcium, cholesterol, atherogenic lipoproteins, dienic conjugates, insulin, thyroxin, triiodothyronine, thyroglobulin, IgA, IgG and fibrinogen. Inhibition of peroxidation and(More)
It is shown by using a two-dimensional, fully relativistic, electromagnetic particle-in-cell simulation code that a force-free magnetic configuration in collisionless, electron-positron (pair) plasmas becomes unstable against current-driven Buneman instability and subsequently there occurs a strong magnetic field energy dissipation associated with(More)
Adrenergic plexuses in the myocardium and adrenal medulla were studied histochemically under conditions of increased left or right ventricular afterload. Under conditions of high afterload not accompanied by heart failure the density of sympathetic myocardial innervation remained unchanged in the loaded ventricle, but increased in the intact ventricle.(More)
The activity of the natural peptide complex of the kidneys and of its synthetic analogs (PEKDLRK, PEKDSRK, PEKDDRL) in autoimmune nephritis was studied on golden hamsters. All the peptides under study demonstrated therapeutic activity but were characterized by peculiarity of their effect. The peptide PEKDLRK possessed the most marked capacity for(More)
Effects of pentobarbital on spectral characteristics and phase ratios of wave oscillations of the cardiac contraction period (RR interval) and time of atrioventricular conduction (AV interval) were studied in experiments of cats. Pentobarbital moderately reduced the mean values of both intervals and significantly reduced their standard deviations and(More)
The estimation data of contamination by separate groups of microorganisms and dependence of the microbial content level upon TLR4 gene 896A/G polymorphism in 20 samples of atherosclerotic lesions in coronary arteries has been presented. The presence of TLR4 gene polymorphic allele G in the individual genotype determines the increased contamination of(More)