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Resting end-expiratory position (REEP) of the respiratory system was monitored continuously using spirometric recording in eleven patients during transition from consciousness to thiopental hypnosis and following subsequent administration of succinylcholine. REEP decreased following thiopental and was little affected by subsequent relaxant in most patients.(More)
The incidence of thyroid cancer was evaluated in 35,074 patients examined for suspected thyroid disorders between 1951 and 1969 with an average of 1.92 megabecquerel [(MBq) 52 microCi] of 131I. The radiation dose to the thyroid gland was, on the average, approximately 0.5 Gy. The mean age at the time of examination was 44 years; 5% were under age 20.(More)
Experimental asthma was induced in dogs previously sensitized to ascaris antigen by ventilation with ascaris antigen, in an aerosol, for 10 min. Before the administration of antigen, there was no significant difference in pulmonary airways resistance (RL) during thiopentone and ketamine anaesthesia. In dogs anaesthetized with thiopentone, RL increased(More)