N. A. Alexander

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Visual flow is used to perceive and regulate movement speed during locomotion. We assessed the extent to which variation in flow from the ground plane, arising from static visual textures, influences locomotion speed under conditions of concurrent perceptual load. In two experiments, participants walked over a 12-m projected walkway that consisted of(More)
A numerical model is presented that enables simulation of the nonlinear flexural response of corroded reinforced concrete (RC) components. The model employs a force-based nonlinear fibre beam-column element. A new phenomenological uniaxial material model for corroded reinforcing steel is used. This model accounts for the impact of corrosion on buckling(More)
Among 139 students (mean age 21.8, SD=3.5), use of Schmeck's Deep Processing learning style (looking for conceptual understanding) on academic materials correlated modestly with its use on religious materials. The same was true for Elaborative Processing (looking for associations and applications). Both Deep and Elaborative Processing of academic materials(More)
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