Núria Sebastián Gallés

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Functional imaging methods show differences in the pattern of cerebral activation associated with the subject's native language (L1) compared with a second language (L2). In a recent PET investigation on bilingualism we showed that auditory processing of stories in L1 (Italian) engages the temporal lobes and temporoparietal cortex more extensively than L2(More)
Damage to the left inferior frontal lobe typically results in a pattern of performance characterized by agrammatic production and asyntactic comprehension, suggesting that this brain area is implicated in morphosyntactic processing (e.g., Caramazza and Zurif, 1976) Recently, Ullman et al. (1997) have challenged this position and have argued that this brain(More)
The social dimension plays a decisive role in our life, shaping our cognitive abilities in relation to the world. Successful social interactions essentially depend on the ability to track the mental states of others, and to make use of this knowledge to predict how these internal states will influence their behavior. However, the way social relationships(More)
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