Núria Rodríguez-Planas

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This paper reviews recent studies on the effectiveness of services and incentives offered to disadvantaged youths both in the US and abroad. We focus our analysis on three types of interventions: mentoring, educational services, and financial rewards. The objective of this article is threefold. First, we explain alternative theoretical points of view in(More)
This report provides an overview of the labor market situation of young people in major world regions covering developed countries as well as the developing world. The paper highlights the role of demographic factors, economic growth and labor market institutions in explaining young people's transition into work. A major focus lies on vocational training(More)
While much of the literature that investigates the part-time (PT) / full-time (FT) hourly wage differential and its causes focuses on average effects, very few studies analyze the heterogeneous effects of PT work across different subgroups, despite the policy relevance of understanding channels behind the (raw) PT penalty in different labor markets. This(More)
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