Núria Pla Garcia

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Several CAD applications require a surface model of an object consisting of a mesh of triangular facets. In this paper, a new algorithm for triangulation of trimmed surfaces is presented. The algorithm generates a triangulation that approximates the initial surface within a predefined tolerance. The approximation is conformal, without cracks in edges: a(More)
The Delaunay triangulations of a set of points are a class of triangulations which play an important role in a variety of different disciplines of science. Regular triangulations are a generalization of Delaunay triangulations that maintain both their relationship with convex hulls and with Voronoi diagrams. In regular triangulations, a real value, its(More)
This work presents two generalizations of the algorithm for obtaining a constrained Delaunay triangulation of a general planar graph presented in Vig97] and Vig95]. While the rst generalization works with elliptical distances, the second one can deal with a set of deforming ellipses associated to each point of the plane. The pseudo-code of the procedures(More)
OBJECTIVE To calibrate 1.5 tesla magnetic resonance scanners for the quantification of the concentration of iron in the liver. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyzed twenty-eight 1.5 tesla magnetic resonance scanners using a phantom with four tubes containing different concentrations of iron (III) chloride and one tube without iron. The phantom represented two(More)
An undifferentiated renal tubular carcinoma was diagnosed in a juvenile male olive baboon (Papio anubis). The animal suddenly appeared depressed and refused to eat. During physical examination, a firm, palpable mass in the left abdominal area and flank pain were detected. Clinical pathology findings included mild anemia, hypoalbuminemia, hyponatremia, and(More)
In this paper two curvature adaptive methods of surface triangulation are presented. Both methods are based on edge refinement to obtain a triangulation compatible with the curvature requirements. The first method applies an incremental and constrained Delaunay triangulation and uses curvature bounds to determine if an edge of the triangulation is(More)
Skeletons are powerful geometric abstractions that provide useful representations for a number of geometric operations. The straight skeleton has a lower combinatorial complexity compared with the medial axis. Moreover, while the medial axis of a polyhedron is composed of quadric surfaces the straight skeleton just consist of planar faces. Although there(More)
Skeletal representations are important shape descriptors which encode topological and geometrical properties of shapes and reduce their dimension. Skeletons are used in several fields of science and attract the attention of many researchers. In the BioCAD field, the analysis of structural properties such as porosity of biomaterials requires the previous(More)