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This article aims to provide the basic information necessary to afford the discrimination of artistic prints based on chemical information. The presence of original and non-original prints in the art market is a real problem, especially for contemporary artists. Most of the non-original elements can be distinguished on the basis of their stylistics and(More)
Knowledge area description: This research group focuses on the study of user behavior in virtual learning environments, with the aim of providing adaptive systems, taking into account all the aspects related to the learning process: instructional design, learning resources, user behavior analysis, usability, accessibility and human computer interaction(More)
Poplar plantations are used for biomass production in many countries. These plantations are often located in areas where the tree roots can reach the water table of shallow aquifers to reduce irrigation costs and increase evapotranspiration, mainly during the summer. This study aims to assess the effects of these plantations on an aquifer water budget and(More)
Prints are the most popular artistic technique. Due to their manufacturing procedure, they are also one of the most frequently falsified types of artwork. In terms of their economic and historic value, the chemical analysis and characterisation of coloured inks and their principal constituent materials (pigments), together with the historical and aesthetic(More)
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