Nóirín Duggan

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The first stage in computer aided pulmonary nodule detection schemes is a candidate detection step designed to provide a simplified representation of the lung anatomy, such that features like the lung wall, and large airways are removed leaving only data which has greater potential to be a nodule. Nodules which are connected to blood vessels tend to be(More)
One of the key challenges facing wider adoption of positron emission tomography (PET) as an imaging biomarker of disease is the development of reproducible quantitative image interpretation tools. Quantifying changes in tumor tissue, due to disease progression or treatment regimen, often requires accurate and reproducible delineation of lesions. Lesion(More)
In the current paper a novel approach for echocardiographic segmentation is proposed based on a combination of the Geometric Active Contour Split Bregman (GSB) method with a topology preserving level set method. The proposed method was tested against manual delineations on 20 frames across 2 datasets and achieved an average Hausdorff distance of 4.01 ±(More)
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