Néstor O. Fuentes

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Two new imaging techniques (rotated image with maximum averaged power spectrum (RIMAPS) and variogram) are presented for the study and description of leaf surfaces. Xanthosoma violaceum was analyzed to illustrate the characteristics of both techniques. Both techniques produce a quantitative description of leaf surface topography. RIMAPS combines digitized(More)
This work introduces a new imaging technique, Rotated Image with Maximum Average Power Spectrum (RIMAPS), for use in determining orientation and characteristics of surface topography. It consists of computing the maximum value of the averaged power spectrum, given by one step of the two-dimensional Fourier transform, for each angle of rotation of a(More)
During the last few years, RIMAPS technique has been used to characterize the micro-relief of metallic surfaces and recently also applied to biological surfaces. RIMAPS is an image analysis technique which uses the rotation of an image and calculates its average power spectrum. Here, it is presented as a tool for describing the morphology of the trichodium(More)
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