Néstor M. Peña

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Cooperation among nodes is fundamental for the operation of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). In such networks, there could be selfish nodes that use resources from other nodes to send their packets but that do not offer their resources to forward packets for other nodes. Thus, a cooperation enforcement mechanism is necessary. Trust models have been proposed(More)
In this paper we estimate the end-to-end total bandwidth (BW) and available bandwidth (ABW) of a path between a pair of nodes in an IEEE 802.11b ad hoc network, both as functions of packet length, using dispersion traces between probing packet pairs of different lengths. The pairs of packets that suffer the minimum delay are used to estimate the maximum(More)
Colonization of a novel plant by herbivorous insects is frequently accompanied by genetic changes that progressively improve larval or adult performance on the new host. This study examined the genetic basis of adaptation to a marginal host (lentil) by the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (F.). Quasi-natural selection in the laboratory rapidly increased(More)
The notation normally associated with the projection-slice theorem often presents difficulties for students of Fourier optics and digital image processing. Simple single-line forms of the theorem that are relatively easily interpreted can be obtained for n-dimensional functions by exploiting the convolution theorem and the rotation theorem of Fourier(More)