Néstor Jorge Cazzaniga

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Two species of apple snails, Pomacea canaliculata and Pomacea maculata (formerly Pomacea insularum), have invaded many countries of East and Southeast Asia from their native range in South America. This study investigated the genetic structure of the two species invading these areas. Phylogenetic analysis based on sequences of the nuclear gene elongation(More)
Mitotic chromosomes of the freshwater snail Pomacea patula catemacensis (Baker 1922) were analyzed on gill tissue of specimens from the type locality (Lake Catemaco, Mexico). The diploid number of chromosomes is 2n = 26, including nine metacentric and four submetacentric pairs; therefore, the fundamental number is FN = 52, No sex chromosomes could be(More)
In this paper, we describe two new species of marine tardigrades, Batillipes lingularum n. sp. and Batillipes amblypyge n. sp., both found in midlittoral sand sediments collected at Monte Hermoso beach (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina). Batillipes lingularum n. sp. exhibits a single sharp caudal appendage, lateral processes, and the middle toes of legs IV(More)
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