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CHASE: A Static Checker for JML's Assignable Clause
The method presented is incomplete, as it only makes a syntactic check and it does not take aliasing or expression evaluation into account, but it provides efficient means to find the most common errors in assignable clauses. Expand
Automated Verification of Specifications with Typestates and Access Permissions
An approach to formally verify Plural specifications of concurrent programs based on access permissions and typestates, by model-checking automatically generated abstract state-machine construction rules by generating and verifying models as a freely available plug-in of the Plural tool, called Pulse. Expand
Formal Specification and Static Checking of Gemplus' Electronic Purse Using ESC/Java
It is shown that a relatively lightweight use of formal specification techniques can already have a serious impact on the quality of a program and its documentation, both w.r.t. specification and verification. Expand
Formal methods for smart cards: an experience report
A case study in the formal specification and verification of a smart card application developed by the smart card producer Gemplus as a test case for formal methods for smart cards, and how the usage of these different tools is complementary. Expand
Translating event-B to JML-specified Java programs
A translation from Event-B machines to JML-specified Java class implementations and the EventB2Java Rodin plug-in that automates the translation is presented and validated by applying the eventB-2Java tool to various programs and systems. Expand
A case study on the lightweight verification of a multi-threaded task server
The experimental results on the MTTS specification show that the exhaustive model-checking approach scales reasonably well and is efficient at finding errors in specifications that were not previously detected with the data-flow analysis (DFA) capabilities of Plural. Expand
Matelas: A Predicate Calculus Common Formal Definition for Social Networking
This paper presents Matelas, a B predicate calculus definition for social networking, modelling social-network content, privacy policies, social-networks friendship relations, and how these relationsExpand
Poporo: A Formal Framework for Social Networking
A novel approach for ensuring privacy in online social network applications through the combination of formal methods so as to reason in logic about privacy policies, graph theory and simulation, and Human Computer Interaction to ensure that policies are usable and configurable. Expand
Teaching Formal Methods: Lessons Learnt from Using Event-B
This paper summarises our experience in teaching Formal Methods to Computer Science and Software Engineers students from various universities around the world, including the University of Madeira inExpand
EventB2Java: A Code Generator for Event-B
A tool that generates executable implementations of Event-B models, a formal specification language and a methodology used to build software systems, that is implemented as a plug-in of the Rodin platform, an Eclipse IDE that provides a set of tools to work with Event- B models. Expand