Néna Roa-Seïler

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This paper presents a novel vertical timeline information-visualization technique developed to support the analysis of human-computer dialogue data. The technique uses combined linked views including distorted views to effectively communicate the timing of dialogue events while presenting text in such a manner that it is easily readable. A prototype has(More)
This paper presents a novel visual analytics technique developed to support exploratory search tasks for event data document collections. The technique supports discovery and exploration by clustering results and overlaying cluster summaries onto coordinated timeline and map views. Users can also explore and interact with search results by selecting(More)
Cognitonics is a new science which looks at ways to reconcile human socio-spiritual development with increasingly rapid human intellectual development in the new context of technological advances and increased cultural homogeny. This is particularly relevant in areas such as education and informatics where children are found to be increasingly capable to(More)
<b>Motivation</b> -- To improve the process of information retrieval (IR), specifically for geospatial data, by accounting for the natural processes of situated cognition where knowledge is a product of both action and context. <b>Research approach</b> -- To focus on a specific topic (Mexican history), evaluate the limitations of existing approaches and(More)
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