Néjib Hajlaoui

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Mediterranean spotted fever (MSF) due to Rickettsia conorii is the most important tick-borne disease occurring in North Africa. The first description of MSF was made by Conor and Brush in 1910 in Tunisia. Clinical diagnosis relies on the association of fever, rash and inoculation's scar during summertime. Prognosis in MSF is usually good, however malignant(More)
The treatment of acute coronary syndromes knows today revolution, with the clinical use of platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors. The benefit of these agents as adjunctive treatment for percutaneous coronary intervention has been substantial and consistently proved among trials; however patients undergoing revascularization after drug discontinuation(More)
BACKGROUND Cholesterol crystal embolism (CCE) is a rare disorder which can complicate cardiac catheterization, angiographic studies and cardiovascular surgery. The CCE exposes to a great risk of renal failure and it can even threaten life by means of a multi visceral failing syndrome. AIM Report a new case of CCE following cardiac catheterization. CASE(More)
The aim of this study is to compare two groups of patients Group A consisted of 120 patients (70 men and 50 women) hospitalised for anginal symptoms, with either clinical or electrical positive exercise test and/or ischemic events on a 24 H electrocardiography and having angiographically normal coronaries Group B consisted of 120 patients (102 men and 18(More)
Medical treatment of coronary spastic angina is based classically on the association of calcium channel blockers with nitrate derivatives. Some clinical forms of spastic angina remain refractory to these medications and can thus lead to serious complications (sudden cardiac death secondary to ventricular rhythm disturbance, myocardial infarction...). When(More)
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