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We address the issue of how to provide basic quality of service (QoS) in optical burst-switched WDM networks with limited fiber delay lines (FDLs). Unlike existing buffer-based QoS schemes, the novel offset-time-based QoS scheme we study in this paper does not mandate any buffer for traffic isolation, but nevertheless can take advantage of FDLs to improve(More)
To support bursty traac on the Internet (and especially WWW) eeciently, optical burst switching (OBS) is proposed as a way to streamline both protocol and hardware in building the future generation Optical Internet. By leveraging the attractive properties of optical communications and at the same time, taking into account its limitations, OBS combines the(More)
Optical burst switching OBS is a new paradigm proposed to e ciently support the ever growing broadband mul timedia tra c either directly or indirectly e g via IP over all optical WDM networks In this paper we propose a new prioritized OBS protocol based on Just Enough Time JET which can provide Quality of Service QoS in bu er less WDM optical networks Speci(More)
Bacterial chondroitinase ABC (ChaseABC) has been used to remove the inhibitory chondroitin sulfate chains from chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans to improve regeneration after rodent spinal cord injury. We hypothesized that the mammalian enzyme arylsulfatase B (ARSB) would also enhance recovery after mouse spinal cord injury. Application of the mammalian(More)
A WDM optical layer can provide diierent classes of services to various upper layer protocols by forming many virtual optical networks (VONs). Poly-morphic control of an optical layer in the form of On-demand-reconnguration in some VONs and Self-reconnguration in other VONs is proposed. The former is suitable for bursty traac and short-lived connections,(More)
In this paper, we propose an indoor positioning system in which the visible light radiated from LEDs is used to locate the position of receiver. Compared to current indoor positioning systems using LED light, our system has the advantages of simple implementation, low cost and high accuracy. In our system, a single photo diode (PD) receives pilot signals(More)