Myunghwan Jung

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Ethyl pyruvate (EP), simple derivative of pyruvate, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Here, we demonstrate EP's strong anti-angiogenic activity. EP inhibited in vivo angiogenesis in the mouse Matrigel-plug assay and tumor growth in the mouse Lewis lung carcinoma model. EP also interfered with the angiogenic cascade, including growth,(More)
In this study, 121 Escherichia coli samples isolated from clinical specimens obtained from Pakistan Institute of Medical Science, Islamabad, Pakistan, were analyzed for extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) and AmpC β-lactamases using disk-diffusion assay and polymerase chain reaction. Of the isolates, 78 and 43 were identified as ESBL and AmpC producers,(More)
We evaluated the potential ability of germanium biotite (GB) to stimulate the production of antibodies specific for foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV). To this aim, we measured the total FMDV-specific antibody responses and IgM production after vaccination against FMD both experimentally and in the field. GB supplementation with FMDV vaccination stimulated(More)
The diagnosis of Brucella abortus is mainly based on serological methods using antibody against LPS, which has diagnostic problems. Therefore, to solve this problem, we evaluated two proteins of B. abortus, Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (SodC) and outer membrane proteins 2b porin (Omp2b). The genes were cloned and expressed in a pMAL system, and the(More)
Infections with cytomegalovirus are common in all parts of the world. The virus may persist for many years in presence of high serum-antibody levels and infections may be transmitted by antibody-carriers. The proportion of antibody-carriers varies between 40% in advanced countries and 100% in some developing countries. CMV is a member of the herpes-group.(More)
Ten renal transplant recipients showing a significant increase in human polyomavirus antibodies, indicative of an acute infection, were followed up serologically over periods ranging from two months to more than two years. Fifty-four serum specimens were available for the study and they were tested by both haemagglutination-inhibition and(More)