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Nowadays, travel information is increasing to appeal the tourists on the web. Although there are numerous information provided on the web, the user gets puzzled in finding accurate information. In order to solve these web problems, the concept of semantic web comes into existence to have communication between human and computer.In this paper, we propose(More)
As the study on the semantic Web actively progresses, many domain ontologies are being built. However, most engineers are building the ontologies based on their academic background and research interests. Consequently, ontologies on the same subject are different because the ontology engineers have different view point. Furthermore, there is no standard(More)
The most fundamental step in semantic information processing (SIP) is to construct knowledge base (KB) at the human level; that is to the general understanding and conception of human knowledge. WordNet has been built to be the most systematic and as close to the human level and is being applied actively in various works. In one of our previous research, we(More)
Real-time systems have to complete the execution of a task within the predetermined time while ensuring that the execution results are logically correct. Such systems require scheduling methods that can adequately distribute the given tasks to a processor. Scheduling methods that all tasks can be executed within a predetermined deadline are called an(More)
An aim of this research is to grasp related words of unknown word. Currently, several lexical dictionaries have been developed for semantic retrieval such as WordNet and FrameNet. However, more new words are created in every day because of new trends, new paradigm, new technology, etc. And, it is impossible to contain all of these new words. The existing(More)
This paper contains a method to construct context data which can help an application grasp user intention in pervasive computing environment (PCE). There are various devices in which a user is interested for the user intention (intended behavior such as entering, reading and sleeping). And the core of PCE is to provide appropriate services adapted for(More)