MyungSoo Bae

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When dealing with triangle meshes, it is often important to compute curvature information for the purposes of feature recognition, segmentation, or shape analysis. Since a triangle mesh is a piecewise linear surface, curvature has to be estimated. Several different schemes have been proposed, both discrete and continuous, i.e. based on fitting surfaces(More)
We present a novel and computationally fast method for automatic human face authentication. Taking a 3D triangular facial mesh as input, the approach first automatically extracts the bilateral symmetry plane of the face surface. The intersection between the symmetry plane and the facial surface, namely the Symmetry Profile, is then computed. By using both(More)
This paper presents a fully automated 3D face authentica-tion (verification) and recognition (identification) method and recent results from our work in this area. The major contributions of our paper are: (a) the method can handle data with different facial expressions including hair, upper body, clothing, etc. and (b) development of weighted features for(More)
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