Myung Sil Choi

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This paper attempts to analyze the boot-up time of bootloader and Linux kernel, and to compare performance of several root file-systems for fast boot-up time in the embedded Linux. Therefore, it was implemented with time measurement module to analyze the boot-up time of bootloader and Linux kernel, and measured the time at each event point related to(More)
The corporate network environment is evolving to integrate and synchronize with various systems. In particular, corporations can now easily share information via the Internet, and recreate it into a resource of knowledge. However, private information leakage always occurs in the course of handling data over the Web. Thus, in sharing information, we attempt(More)
Music files constitute a large portion of the data exchanged in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks. However, existing music search systems are limited to title-based search methods, which require us to know exact metadata information such as filenames or artists. In this paper we present a content-based music search system which supports music search only by(More)
This paper presents a management system to effectively extract private information embedded in certain websites. To protect the target private information, it is necessary to first collect all private information from the target website, because vulnerable information leakages should be analyzed so as to come up with appropriate protection means. We use a(More)
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