Myung-Kyun Kim

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—Recently, a new routing algorithm called inside-out routing algorithm was proposed for routing an arbitrary permutation in the omega-based 2log 2 N stage networks. This paper discusses the problems of the inside-out routing algorithm and shows that the suggested condition for proper routing in the omega-omega network is insufficient. An extended necessary(More)
A RMON agent system, which locates on a subnet, collects the network traffic information for management by retrieving and analyzing all of the packets on the subnet. The RMON agent system can miss some packets due to the high packet analyzing overhead when the number of packets on the subnet is huge. In this paper, we have developed a lightweight RMON agent(More)
In the recent years, there is a strong interest of using switched Ethernet in factory automation. The switched Ethernet offers many attractive features such as large throughput, traffic isolation and full-duplex links. However, although using full-duplex switched Ethernet can limit the collisions to each port, the real-time features may be affected due to(More)