Myung-Kyu Lee

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—An iterative algorithm employing decision feedback provided by either an equalizer or a channel decoder is proposed in order to compensate for the phase noise resulting from imperfect oscillators in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. In the proposed algorithm, the received OFDM symbol is partitioned into subblocks in the time domain(More)
PTPRT (protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor T), a brain-specific tyrosine phosphatase, has been found to regulate synaptic formation and development of hippocampal neurons, but its regulation mechanism is not yet fully understood. Here, Syntaxin-binding protein 1, a key component of synaptic vesicle fusion machinery, was identified as a possible(More)
—The asymptotic performance of a polar code under successive cancellation decoding is determined by the exponent of its polarizing matrix. We first prove that the partial distances of a polarizing matrix constructed from the Kronecker product are simply expressed as a product of those of its component matrices. We then show that the exponent of the(More)
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