Myung Jin Shin

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OBJECTIVE We wished to report on the MRI findings of non-infectious ischiogluteal bursitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MRI findings of 17 confirmed cases of non-infectious ischiogluteal bursitis were analyzed: four out of the 17 cases were confirmed with surgery, and the remaining 13 cases were confirmed with MRI plus the clinical data. RESULTS The(More)
OBJECTIVE We wanted to investigate the relationship between the magnetic resonance (MR) findings and the clinical outcome after treatment with non-surgical transforaminal epidural steroid injections (ESI) for lumbar herniated intervertebral disc (HIVD) patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Transforaminal ESI were performed in 91 patients (50 males and 41(More)
OBJECTIVE Tumor angiogenesis is an important factor for tumor growth, treatment response and prognosis. Noninvasive imaging methods for the evaluation of tumor angiogenesis have been studied, but a method for the quantification of tumor angiogenesis has not been established. This study was designed to evaluate tumor angiogenesis in a rat breast tumor model(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate contrast-enhanced power Doppler ultrasonography (PD US) for the evaluation of synovial vascularity in an arthritic rabbit knee model in correlation with MR and histological findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS Power Doppler ultrasonography was performed for carrageenin-induced arthritic left knee and control right knee of 13 rabbits,(More)
OBJECTIVE We wanted to compare the two-dimensional (2D) fast spin echo (FSE) techniques and the three-dimensional (3D) fast field echo techniques for the evaluation of the chondromalacia patella using a microscopy coil. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty five patients who underwent total knee arthroplasty were included in this study. Preoperative MRI evaluation(More)
OBJECTIVE We wished to evaluate the incidence of non-contiguous spinal injury in the cervicothoracic junction (CTJ) or the upper thoracic spines on cervical spinal MR images in the patients with cervical spinal injuries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy-five cervical spine MR imagings for acute cervical spinal injury were retrospectively reviewed (58 men and(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate and compare radiation exposure during transforaminal fluoroscopy-guided epidural steroid injection (TFESI) at different vertebral levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fluoroscopy-guided TFESI was performed in 181 patients. The patients were categorized into three groups according to the injected lumbosacral nerve level of L2-4, L5, or S1.(More)
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