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Invited Paper This paper describes a robotic-head system as a multimodal communication device for human–robot interaction, and the system's potential application in home environments. Most robotic systems for natural user interaction have facial expressions, since facial ex-pressiveness is regarded as a key component to developing personal attachment along(More)
With the ever increase in the number of robots in an industrial environment, scientists/technologists were often faced with issues on cooperation and coordination among diierent robots and their self governance in a work space. This has led to the developments in multi-robot cooperative autonomous systems. The proponents of multi-robot autonomous systems(More)
A table-look-up immune network is proposed to solve problems arising from autonomous microrobots trying to achieve a given goal with limited memory and calculation capacity. The method is implemented and tested with a microrobot "Kity", with a size of less than 1 cubic inch. It is possible to generate enough rules to make the robot achieve the goal of(More)