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The viral sensor MDA5 distinguishes between cellular and viral dsRNAs by length-dependent recognition in the range of ~0.5-7 kb. The ability to discriminate dsRNA length at this scale sets MDA5 apart from other dsRNA receptors of the immune system. We have shown previously that MDA5 forms filaments along dsRNA that disassemble upon ATP hydrolysis. Here, we(More)
In eukaryotes, small RNAs play important roles in both gene regulation and resistance to viral infection. Argonaute proteins have been identified as a key component of the effector complexes of various RNA-silencing pathways, but the mechanistic roles of Argonaute proteins in these pathways are not clearly understood. To address this question, we performed(More)
In the business process management, many business process execution languages such as XPDL, BPML, BPEL4WS have been specified with different origins and goals. Most of all, XPDL proposed by WfMC has been widely used in the related applications, especially workflows whose concepts are currently interchangeable with those of business processes. On the other(More)
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