Myung-Hwan Whangbo

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The magnetic and ferroelectric (FE) properties of TbMnO3 are investigated on the basis of relativistic density functional theory calculations. We show that, due to spin-orbit coupling, the spin-spiral plane of TbMnO3 can be either the bc or ab plane, but not the ac plane. As for the mechanism of FE polarization, our work reveals that the "pure electronic"(More)
Nanoparticles (NPs) of noble metals can strongly absorb visible light because of their plasmon resonance, which is greatly influenced by their morphology and size. The phenomenon of plasmon resonance gives rise to important applications such as colorimetric sensors, photovoltaic devices, photochromic devices, and photocatalysts. Noble metal NPs exhibit(More)
[Ni(HF(2))(pyz)(2)]X {pyz = pyrazine; X = PF(6)(-) (1), SbF(6)(-) (2)} were structurally characterized by synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and found to possess axially compressed NiN(4)F(2) octahedra. At 298 K, 1 is monoclinic (C2/c) with unit cell parameters, a = 9.9481(3), b = 9.9421(3), c = 12.5953(4) Å, and β = 81.610(3)° while 2 is tetragonal(More)
Controlling amount of intrinsic S vacancies was achieved in ZnS spheres which were synthesized by a hydrothermal method using Zn and S powders in concentrated NaOH solution with NaBH4 added as reducing agent. These S vacancies efficiently extend absorption spectra of ZnS to visible region. Their photocatalytic activities for H2 production under visible(More)
The excellent photochromic properties of (H(2)DABCO)(2)(HDMA)(0.5)Na(0.75)(H(3)O)(0.75)[Mo(8)O(27)] x 3 H(2)O (4), a new member of the (H(2)DABCO)(2)(A)(x)[Mo(8)O(27)] x n H(2)O series, are compared with those of (H(2)DABCO)(2)(NH(4))(2)[Mo(8)O(27)] x 4 H(2)O (1), (H(2)DABCO)(2)(H(2)pipz)[Mo(8)O(27)] (2), and (H(2)pipz)(3)[Mo(8)O(27)] (3). All these(More)
A thorough crystal structure determination at very low temperature of (CuCl)LaNb₂O₇, originally proposed as a spin-1/2 square-lattice antiferromagnet, is reported thanks to the use of single-crystal x-ray diffraction and powder neutron diffraction. State-of-the-art calculations (maximum entropy method) reveal that (CuCl)LaNb₂O₇ is orthorhombic with Pbam(More)
The efforts to produce photocatalysts operating efficiently under visible light have led to a number of plasmonic photocatalysts, in which noble metal nanoparticles are deposited on the surface of polar semiconductor or insulator particles. In the metal-semiconductor composite photocatalysts, the noble metal nanoparticles act as a major component for(More)