Myung-Ho Kang

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This paper presents the categorization and restoration of defective lines developed in pushbroom images. About 100 of the 3000 SPOT 4 SWIR detectors malfunction, which degrades image quality. Conventional methods have difficulties in effectively detecting and restoring defective lines, because they ignore the heterogeneity of the ground surface and the(More)
The surface band gap of the 8) Ge(111)c(2× surface at low temperature is determined on the basis of scanning tunneling spectroscopy. Electrostatic potential computations permit evaluation of tip-induced band bending, from which a correction to the energy scale of the observed spectra is made. Parameter values in the computations are constrained by(More)
This letter presents a new framework for improving the spatial resolution of infrared (IR) images based on the high-resolution visible image information. Edge regions in an IR image, which have a strong correlation with the aligned edges in the visible image, are sharpened by using their high frequency patches, which are locally estimated from the visible(More)
We propose a novel block-wise authentication algorithm for binary images. We partition an image into tree structured, mutually exclusive, and collectively exhaustive blocks. The size of each block depends on the number of flippable pixels in the block. Flippable pixels are found in the binary wavelet transform domain. A random bit sequence generated by the(More)
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