Myung-Gyou Kim

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The present study investigated the effects of egg yolk-derived peptide (YPEP) on osteogenic activities and MAPK-regulation of osteogenic gene expressions. The effects of YPEP on cell proliferation, alkaline phosphatase activity, collagen synthesis, and mineralization were measured in human osteoblastic MG-63 cells. Activation of MAPKs and downstream(More)
The protective effect of ginsenoside Re, isolated from ginseng berry, against acute gastric mucosal lesions was examined in rats with a single intraperitoneal injection of compound 48/80 (C48/80). Ginsenoside Re (20 mg/kg or 100 mg/kg) was orally administered 0.5 h prior to C48/80 treatment. Ginsenoside Re dose-dependently prevented gastric mucosal lesion(More)
Collagen hydrolysate (CH) has been reported to exhibit a positive effect on bone. In the present study, the in vitro effects of CH (<3 kDa) were examined and the in vivo experiments confirmed the positive effects of CH in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. Bone mineral density (BMD) was examined by DXA analysis. Scanning electron microscopic analysis and(More)
The berry of Panax ginseng significantly inhibited the histamine releases at the concentration of 30 μg/mL (p<0.05) and 10 μg/mL (p<0.01). The ginsenoside Re from ginseng berry was found out to have a potent effect in the experiment of histamin and cytokine release.
The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of velvet antler (VA) from different sections for promoting longitudinal bone growth in growing rats. VA was divided into upper (VAU), middle (VAM), and basal sections (VAB). An in vivo study was performed to examine the effect on longitudinal bone growth in adolescent rats. In addition, in vitro(More)
Opuntia ficus-indica var. saboten (OFS) has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat several illnesses, including diabetes. However, detailed mechanisms underlying hypoglycemic effects remain unclear. In this study, the mechanism underlying the hypoglycemic activity of OFS was evaluated using in vitro and in vivo systems. OFS treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Herbs have been used to treat stroke and coma patient in traditional Korean medicine (TKM). The novel decoction, Guhpoongchungsimhwan (GCH), was developed on the basis of clinical data and TKM theory. METHODS We examined the neuroprotective effect of GCH on cerebral ischemia. The middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) model was used to produce(More)
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