Myung-Gon Yoon

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We study a !nite-horizon robust minimax !ltering problem for time-varying discrete-time stochastic uncertain systems. The uncertainty in the system is characterized by a set of probability measures under which the stochastic noises, driving the system, are de!ned. The optimal minimax !lter has been found by applying techniques of risk-sensitive LQG control.(More)
A new robust control gain-scheduling scheme for uncertain linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems is proposed. The gain-scheduled controller consists of a set of minimax optimal robust controllers and incorporates a new interpolation rule to achieve continuity of the controller gain over a range of operating conditions. For every fixed system parameter, the(More)
This note studies the problem of minimizing a parameterized convex combination of the overshoot and undershoot of a single-input–single-output (SISO) discrete-time system to a fixed input. We provide a simple condition for the solution existence and characterize the structure of optimal solutions. It is shown that a known suboptimal scheme also works in our(More)
This paper presents an explicit form of transfer function of agents in a dynamic consensus system. Making use of a special structure in the transfer function representation, it is shown that the agent transfer function enjoy several system theoretic properties; stability in a network, minimum phase, infinite gain margin, if the original dynamics of agent(More)