Myung-Chun Ryoo

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Fallopian tube adenocarcinoma is a rare gynecologic tumor that spreads like epithelial ovarian carcinoma. From 1954 to 1982, thirty patients with tubal adenocarcinomas were treated at UCLA and by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. The mean age was 52 years. Pain, irregular or postmenopausal bleeding, and vaginal discharge were the most common(More)
In the coming age of information warfare, information security patterns need to be changed to use an active approach using offensive security mechanisms rather than the traditional passive approach in merely protecting against intrusions. In an active security environment, it is essential that, when detecting an intrusion, it is immediately confronted with(More)
A new method for spot matching in two-dimensional gel electrophoresis images using a cumulative frequency matrix is proposed. The method improves on the weak points of the previous method called ‘spot matching by topological patterns of neighbour spots’. It accumulates the frequencies of neighbour spot pairs produced through the entire matching process and(More)
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