Myun-Joo Park

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A new Wilkinson power divider structure is proposed for the dual-band operation. The proposed divider has two output ports extended and coupled through a coupled line section. The use of coupled output port extensions eliminates the need of the input port extension for the dual-band operation and simplifies the overall divider structure. It also provides(More)
A new branch-line coupler structure with port extensions is proposed for the dual-band operation. The conventional branch-line coupler structure is adapted to the dual-band operation by inserting a transmission line section at the input ports and modifying the branch parameters. The dual-band performance of the proposed coupler is verified theoretically(More)
Supplementary solutions are provided for the swapped port coupler proposed by Jeong and Kim in the above paper. It is shown that the solution given in the above paper using uncoupled line section is not the only one for the coupler operation and a more generalized solution is presented through the extended analysis. The newly proposed solutions make it(More)
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