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The cuticle is a protective layer that coats the primary aerial surfaces of land plants and mediates plant interactions with the environment. It is synthesized by epidermal cells and is composed of a cutin polyester matrix that is embedded and covered with cuticular waxes. Recently, we have discovered a novel regulatory mechanism of cuticular wax(More)
An understanding of how synaptic vesicles are recruited to and maintained at presynaptic compartments is required to discern the molecular mechanisms underlying presynaptic assembly and plasticity. We have previously demonstrated that cadherin-beta-catenin complexes cluster synaptic vesicles at presynaptic sites. Here we show that scribble interacts with(More)
Cadherins and neuroligins (NLs) represent two families of cell adhesion proteins that are essential for the establishment of synaptic connections in vitro; however, it remains unclear whether these proteins act in concert to regulate synapse density. Using a combination of overexpression and knockdown analyses in primary hippocampal neurons, we demonstrate(More)
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