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BACKGROUND Hereditary Fibrosing Poikiloderma (HFP) with tendon contractures, myopathy and pulmonary fibrosis (POIKTMP [MIM 615704]) is a very recently described entity of syndromic inherited poikiloderma. Previously by using whole exome sequencing in five families, we identified the causative gene, FAM111B (NM_198947.3), the function of which is still(More)
Common FTO variants are associated with obesity. However, it has recently been shown that homozygous FTO c.947G>A variant, which predicts p.R316Q, and c.956C>T, which predicts p.S319F, are associated with a malformation syndrome inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. We present a similar homozygous FTO c.965G>A variant that predicts p.R322Q,(More)
The association between 1p32-p31 contiguous gene deletions and a distinct phenotype that includes anomalies of the corpus callosum, ventriculomegaly, developmental delay, seizures, and dysmorphic features has been long recognized and described. Recently, the observation of overlapping phenotypes in patients with chromosome translocations that disrupt NFIA(More)
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