Mythili Swaminathan

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AIMS To establish normal ranges, in preterm infants < 33 weeks' gestation, for measurements of the lateral, third, and fourth ventricles and to assess intra-observer and inter-observer reliability. To assess the effect of head position during scanning on lateral ventricle size. To determine whether sex influences ventricle size. METHODS A prospective(More)
Excessive alveolar bone resorption is commonly found when teeth are extracted. This is a problem in anterior part of mouth because it will result in an unaesthetic pontic on a narrow hollowed out alveolar ridge. Yet, another problem is gingival recession and root exposure in adjacent teeth which represent a therapeutic problem to the clinician.Use of(More)
This study aims to confirm the relationship between gestational age (GA) and transverse cerebellar diameter (TCD), to define the prediction of GA by TCD, and assess the reliability of TCD measurements. Infants were included in the study if they had a routine cranial ultrasound scan by day 3, and the TCD was measured. Infants were excluded from the study if(More)
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