Mythili Suryanarayana Prabhu

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—Bufferbloat is a phenomenon where excess buffers in the network cause high latency and jitter. As more and more interactive applications (e.g. voice over IP, real time video conferencing and financial transactions) run in the Internet, high latency and jitter degrade application performance. There is a pressing need to design intelligent queue management(More)
Stem cells integrate inputs from multiple sources. Stem cell niches provide signals that promote stem cell maintenance, while differentiated daughter cells are known to provide feedback signals to regulate stem cell replication and differentiation. Recently, stem cells have been shown to regulate themselves using an autocrine mechanism. The existence of a(More)
—As video traffic increases in the Internet and competes for limited bandwidth resources, it is important to design bandwidth sharing and loss protection schemes that account for video characteristics, beyond the traditional paradigm of fair-rate allocation among data flows. Ideally, such a scheme should handle both persistent and transient congestion as(More)
Cellular plasticity contributes to the regenerative capacity of plants, invertebrates, teleost fishes and amphibians. In vertebrates, differentiated cells are known to revert into replicating progenitors, but these cells do not persist as stable stem cells. Here we present evidence that differentiated airway epithelial cells can revert into stable and(More)
Malaria eradication is a major goal in public health but is challenged by relapsing malaria species, expanding drug resistance, and the influence of host genetics on antimalarial drug efficacy. To overcome these hurdles, it is imperative to establish in vitro assays of liver-stage malaria for drug testing. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) potentially(More)
Active Queue Management In DOCSIS 3.x Cable modems ii DISCLAIMER This document is published by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (" CableLabs® ") to provide information to the cable industry. CableLabs reserves the right to revise this document for any reason including, but not limited to, changes in laws, regulations, or standards promulgated by various(More)
Media cloud services offer an unique opportunity for alleviating many of the technical challenges faced by mobile media streaming, especially for applications with stringent latency requirements. In this paper, we propose a novel cloud-assisted architecture for supporting low-latency mobile media streaming applications such as onling gaming and video(More)
We present a network-assisted scheme for media-aware bandwidth sharing among multiple video streaming sessions. Departing from the conventional paradigm of fair-rate allocation among data traffic flows, our scheme allocates the bottleneck bandwidth among the video streams according to their rate-distortion (R-D) characteristics, with the objective of(More)