Mysore Ramaswamy

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Innovations in information and communication technology (ICT) have dramatically influenced the nature and quality of government-to-constituent interactions all over the world. However the underlying structural, organizational and institutional components upon which technological innovation is superimposed are as widely divergent as the cultures from which(More)
This article presents several examples of how clinical decision support systems (CDSS) connected to knowledge bases help physicians and improves patient’s care. Results of a research in progress are presented, where the development of a data warehouse aims to get accurate assessments of a highly impairing mental condition. We argue that a data warehouse(More)
Innovations in information technology (IT) have affected all types of business transactions. In order to have an efficient physical supply chain, it is essential to establish equally efficient informational and financial supply chains. In this paper, we study the role of IT in establishing a comprehensive supply chain network. INTRODUCTION Organizations are(More)
The process of automating citizen-government interactions using information and communication technologies (ICTs) needs to be analyzed as a sociotechnical information processing system. During the process of improving the enforcement of rules via automation, which is clearly the best way to render transparency, socio-cultural factors need to be considered(More)
Innovations in information technology (IT) have affected all aspects of modern life. The quantity of information available is increasing exponentially. Simultaneously, it is becoming much easier to access these vast amounts of information. Unfortunately, in some cases, this information explosion has also made it harder to get the relevant and accurate(More)