Mysore Ramaswamy

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This article presents several examples of how clinical decision support systems (CDSS) connected to knowledge bases help physicians and improves patient's care. Results of a research in progress are presented, where the development of a data warehouse aims to get accurate assessments of a highly impairing mental condition. We argue that a data warehouse(More)
The process of automating citizen-government interactions using information and communication technologies (ICTs) needs to be analyzed as a socio-technical information processing system. During the process of improving the enforcement of rules via automation, which is clearly the best way to render transparency, socio-cultural factors need to be considered(More)
Improving the enforcement of rules is clearly the best way to combat corruption. The introduction of e-Government can play a major role in this context as it automates several processes. However, in the case of post-communist transitioning countries such as Armenia, the challenges are unique. These countries are struggling with the transformation of their(More)