Myrta Rodriguez

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This paper deals with a new control method for power factor correctors. Control is carried out by a standard IC controller for peak current-mode DC-DC converters, with only an additional compensation ramp generator and peak detector. The fact that neither an analog multiplier nor an input voltage sensor is needed to achieve quasi-sinusoidal line waveforms(More)
The envelope tracking technique is used to increment the efficiency of modern radiofrequency trans­mitters. It is based on supplying the linear radiofrequency power amplifier of the transmitter with a time-varying voltage that tracks the envelope of the information signal being transmitted. These systems require a converter capable of varying its(More)
This paper presents a complete analytical switching loss model for power MOSFETs in low voltage switching converters. Traditionally, the piecewise linear model has been used to obtain both switching losses and efficiency in these converters, due to its simplicity and good performance. However, the use of the latest low voltage power MOSFET generations and(More)
This article presents the development of a power flow tool to analyse the impact of the integration of distributed generation on low voltage distribution networks. The work has been implemented in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment. The developed tool can be used in radial or weakly meshed 3-phase networks with the presence of distributed generation. The voltage(More)
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