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The rehabilitation of depressed stroke patients is more difficult than the rehabilitation of patients who are not depressed: their recovery in hospital is slower and less successful, they are less likely to regain normal lifestyles after discharge, and they have poorer survival rates long term. Clinicians frequently fail to recognise depression in stroke(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to ascertain the ecological validity of the Hayling and Brixton tests of executive functioning, by investigating whether cognitive 'impairment' detected by these measures was associated with assessment of 'disability' and 'handicap'. DESIGN AND METHOD A correlational design was employed to evaluate the degree of association(More)
Nelson's (1976) Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (MCST) was evaluated and the utility of the conventional criterion and new threshold scores for identifying patients with frontal lobe disorder assessed. Measures of perseveration and other indices of performance on the MCST were not found to discriminate between patients with frontal and non-frontal lobe(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a new performance-curve method for detecting simulated cognitive impairment. DESIGN The method was based on quantitative analysis of choice reaction times in a series of eight matching-to-sample tasks of graded complexity, in which participants were required to identify which of two comparison stimuli was identical to a(More)
The responsiveness of eccrine sweat glands to local intradermal injections of carbachol was studied in six male healthy volunteers using a plastic paint impression method. A psychological "stressor" (performance of a mental arithmetic task) resulted in an increase in the sizes of the responses evoked by carbachol, this being reflected in a higher value of(More)
Two experiments incorporating methodological refinements were conducted to replicate previous findings that agoraphobics selectively recall phobic material compared with normal subjects. In addition, patients with anxiety states but no phobic symptomatology were studied to assess whether selective recall is specific to agoraphobia or a feature of anxious(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the validity of a clinical neuropsychological battery for the detection of malingering on tests of memory. METHODS A simulated scenario design was developed to investigate the effectiveness of a battery of four neuropsychological tests in the detection of malingering; the Coin in the Hand Test (CIH), Autobiographical Memory Index(More)
Although eating desires can be easily learned, their extinction appears more difficult. The present two-session study aimed to investigate the role of eating expectancies in the short and longer-term extinction of eating desires. In addition, the relationship between eating desires and conditioned evaluations was examined to test whether they might share a(More)
Seventy-seven subjects underwent the Matching Familiar Figures Test (MFFT) and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Mean latency to the first response (L) and square-root-transformed error score (T) on the MFFT were normally distributed in the sample. T was correlated positively with age and negatively with IQ; L was not significantly correlated with(More)
A multiple regression equation for estimating premorbid Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) scores on the basis of age and the National Adult Reading Test (NART) was derived. A sample of patients with confirmed cerebral lesions was examined to determine the proportion of patients with significant discrepancies between their predicted and obtained(More)
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