Myron Pollycove

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The damage and signaling to cells and tissues with subsequent stimulatory responses induced by low doses of ionizing radiation were reviewed in Part 1 (J Nucl Med. 2001;42[7]:17N–27N). In the intact organism, these responses are expressions of complex adaptive systems that maintain homeostatic control essential for survival. The antimutagenic DNA(More)
This review of low dose-induced whole-body effects, especially cancer, shows: 1) Biological systems appear in hierarchy levels of organization, from atoms to molecules, to cells, to tissues and organs, to the whole system; 2) System responses to low-level exposures depend on: quality and number of energy depositions in tissue micromasses (microdoses) being(More)
References ...................................................................................... Abstract Ionizing radiation primarily perturbs the basic molecular level proportional to dose, with potential damage propagation to higher levels: cells, tissues, organs, and whole body. There are three types of defenses against damage propagation. These(More)
Ionizing radiation (IR) causes damage to DNA that is apparently proportional to absorbed dose. The incidence of radiation-induced cancer in humans unequivocally rises with the value of absorbed doses above about 300 mGy, in a seemingly linear fashion. Extrapolation of this linear correlation down to zero-dose constitutes the linear-no-threshold (LNT)(More)
Biological tissues operate through cells that act together within signaling networks. These assure coordinated cell function in the face of constant exposure to an array of potentially toxic agents, externally from the environment and endogenously from metabolism. Living tissues are indeed complex adaptive systems.To examine tissue effects specific for(More)
IONIZING RADIATION PRIMARILY PERTURBS THE BASIC MOLECULAR LEVEL PROPORTIONAL TO DOSE, WITH POTENTIAL DAMAGE PROPAGATION TO HIGHER LEVELS: cells, tissues, organs, and whole body. There are three types of defenses against damage propagation. These operate deterministically and below a certain impact threshold there is no propagation. Physical-static defenses(More)