Myron Moskowitz

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BACKGROUND Medicare's introduction of the Prospective Payment System for hospitals has shortened hospital stays and, as a consequence, has increased the use of post-hospital care. Medicare coverage provides for various types of post-hospital care. This paper examines the characteristics of patients, cities, and hospitals associated with discharge to these(More)
The Women's Health Trial Vanguard Study was conducted to examine the feasibility of a nationwide, randomized multicenter intervention trial to test the hypothesis that a low-fat diet followed for a period of 10 years will reduce breast cancer risk. Women ages 45-69 years at increased risk of breast cancer were randomized into intervention (low-fat diet, n =(More)
Mammograms from the Canadian National Breast Screening Study (NBSS) were reviewed by three external experts to provide an objective evaluation of their technical quality, to establish a model for auditing mammograms in a screening program, and to assess whether NBSS mammograms improved over time. The sample reviewed included 10 randomly chosen mammograms(More)
After four years of annual screening 10,566 women, physical examination (PE) by nurse clinicians is as effective in detecting suspect cases as is the examination of surgeons and the general medical community of Cincinnati. Carefully performed physical examination has found 45% of the extant cancers detected. Twenty-eight percent of the cancers detected by(More)
Wolfe has described different cancer risks associated with a classification of four patterns of the breast parenchyma on mammography, but there is however little information available on the ability of radiologists to agree on the classification of the different patterns. We have assessed inter-rater agreement on the assignment of films to one of the four(More)
Because a "negative" mammogram that is followed by a biopsy diagnostic of cancer is a matter of deep concern, a retrospective review was conducted of 48 such missed diagnoses at four Breast Cancer Detection Centers. The study group comprised 40,000 women participating in breast cancer screening examinations. From 3,271 biopsies during screening, 499 cancers(More)