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Richness, rarity, endemism and complementarity of indicator taxon species are often used to select conservation areas, which are then assumed to represent most regional biodiversity. Assessments of the degree to which these indicator conservation areas coincide across different taxa have been conducted on a variety of vertebrate, invertebrate and plant(More)
Infections having atypical mycobacteria are occurring more frequently for 2 main reasons. First there are the disturbances of the immunity system, whether due to the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or the result of therapeutic measures taken against malignant processes, other diseases or after organ transplantation. Second, travel and free-time(More)
UNLABELLED This review offers readers new aspects for the guideline-compliant care of asthma patients. Here, attention is focused on illustrating the bottlenecks in the administration of good and practicable therapeutic care and listing these as "major challenges for GPs". The interdisciplinary team of authors - consisting of three hospital-based(More)