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OBJECTIVE To deal with public and professional concern regarding possible overprescription of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications, particularly methylphenidate, by reviewing issues related to the diagnosis, optimal treatment, and actual care of ADHD patients and of evidence of patient misuse of ADHD medications. DATA SOURCES(More)
Eleven children with documented growth hormone deficiency were studied to assess their cognitive and emotional functioning and their academic achievement before and after 1 year of human growth hormone replacement therapy. Standardized personality and intelligence measures were used, and records of school achievement, as well as developmental and family(More)
To determine whether abnormalities of lipid and aminoacid metabolism observed in diabetes are corrected when plasma-glucose levels are restored to normal, eight insulin-dependent diabetics were treated for 7-14 days with a portable infusion pump which delivers insulin subcutaneously in basal (between-meal) doses with pulse-dose increments before meals. Mean(More)
Standard intelligence tests were administered to twenty-eight children who had been exposed to PTU in utero and thirty-two non-exposed siblings. There was no significant difference in results between the two groups. The present study suggests that with careful attention, pregnant women with thyrotoxicosis can be treated with propylthiouracil without(More)
BACKGROUND Many investigators are concerned that the modes of implementation and enforcement of the federal regulations designed to protect children are unduly impeding pediatric clinical research. OBJECTIVE To assess regulatory impediments to clinical research involving children and to develop recommendations to ameliorate them. PARTICIPANTS The(More)