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Isotope effects, studied with precision isotope ratio mass spectrometry, have been used to locate critical steps in the H metabolism of plants. By manipulating the growth conditions of versatile microalgae, the discrimination of H isotopes between water in the growth medium and the organically bonded H in carbohydrates from these microalgae was -100 to -120(More)
Carbon isotope fractionation by structurally and catalytically distinct ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylases from one eucaryotic and four procaryotic organisms has been measured under nitrogen. The average fractionation for 40 experiments was -34.1 per thousand with respect to the delta(13)C of the dissolved CO(2) used, although average fractionations for(More)
The Theory of Totally Integrated Education (TIE) predicts that mental structures formed by learners are expected to be stronger when 'knowing that one', 'knowing how', and 'knowing that' are integrated with learner emotions and intentions. Such whole, completely connected mental structures are expected to be less vulnerable to forgetting. TIE theory further(More)
Aqueous extracts of samples from representtive types of near-shore marine ecosystems were examined for growth-promoting activity for the siderochrome auxotroph, Arthrobacter JG-9. Blue-green algal mat and sea grass samples gave strongly positive responses. Relative to Desferal (Ciba Pharmaceutical Co., Summit, N.J.), concentrations up to 110 ng/g (wet(More)
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