Myrian Laconi

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In the present paper we show for the first time that pregnenolone sulfate (Preg-S) impairs rats' memory for novel object recognition when injected in lateral septum (1.2 microM). The effect of Preg-S is clearly related to the moment the reagent is administered: if administered shortly after the training phase, or prior to the test phase of the experiment,(More)
MR imaging was employed in 232 patients with traumatic or degenerative lesions of the shoulder. MR diagnosis was compared with arthrotomic findings in 19 cases, and with arthroscopic results in 3 cases. MR technique is here presented and the choice of scanning planes is discussed, together with the sequences of image acquisition and with the features of the(More)
In the last two decades several deterministic models for predicting fire behaviour have been developed. One of the most common fire growth model is the computer program Farsite (Finney, 1998), based on the Rothermel’s original fire spread equation. Farsite describes the spatial and temporal spread and behaviour of fire under different terrain, fuels, and(More)
Magnetic Resonance imaging of the upper abdomen was performed on more than 300 patients. The aim of the study was to determine the influence of spin-echo parameters on intrinsic image contrast. Different TR (ranging 260 to 2000 ms) and TE (ranging 20 to 120 ms) values were employed in two patients with a hepatic metastases and in a healthy volunteer with a(More)
The authors retrospectively reviewed 140 MR examinations of the prostate to assess the presence of similar findings in the different patients affected with the same prostatic disease. In 35 patients with acute phlogosis, MR imaging showed enlargement of peripheral gland, with increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images, while reduced peripheral gland(More)
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