Myriam Pétrin

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It is well documented that a wide range of host-derived cell surface constituents is inserted within HIV type 1 (HIV-1) and located on the exterior of the virion. Although no virus-associated protein of host origin has been shown to be absolutely required for virus replication, studies have revealed that many of these proteins are functional and can affect(More)
Activation of specific cortical territories by certain stimuli is known to trigger focal seizures. We report three cases of well documented operculo-insular reflex seizures, triggered by somatosensory stimuli in two and loud noises in the third. Limited operculoinsular resection resulted in an excellent outcome for all. We discuss these observations in(More)
Interposition of periosteum in joint fractures in adolescents may lead to delayed consolidation of the fracture or even malposition (varus-valgus deformities etc.) by early partial closure of the epiphyseal line. In severe cases, early arthrosis may be sequelar of inappropriate treatment of these patients. 14 cases of joint fractures with interposition of(More)
The major metabolic pathway of the (-) enantiomer and the (+) enantiomer of 2-hydroxy-N-cyclopropylmethylmorphinan in dogs was shown to be conjugation with glucuronic acid and/or sulfate. Gas chromatography mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography were used to identify additional metabolites of the two enantiomers(More)
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